Friday, April 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home... or is it?

I feel like 2 months isn't really a super long time, but in a 4 month program, it becomes a super long time. Now I am home and reminiscing of the old days in the Old City. One thing at a time, though.
Feelings since coming home...
I feel out of place. It has been strange to come home to a life that I thought would have changed because I had changed. But, life is the same, and I've been working on finding my place in it as a different person. I'm not THAT different, of course. I was only gone for a few months! But I feel like the experiences that I had in Jerusalem kicked me into a different part of my life. And this summer feels like it's going to be important - whether for my own growth, or the realization of a big change. I don't know yet. I guess I'll find out!
Home is still my sweet home, but I'm not the same!

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