Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Pictures!

Yes, I've only been here a week. Yes, we have all been acting like culture-shocked tourists. Yes, I took over 200 pictures on Sunday. But I got some cool shots! All of these pictures are from one day spend exploring the Old City, and a lot of them are taken from the top of various parts of the wall surrounding the city (on the Raparts Walk). It was really neat to see the real bustling city of Jerusalem.. not the shops and the markets on the street level, but to be up on the wall and see the circumstances that people live in, see the schools and the children, and to really realize that Jerusalem is a city today, not just a city of the past.

We saw Senator McCain and Senator Lieberman at the Western Wall. It was nuts! Some idiots started chanting "USA, USA!", but we shut them up real quick...

Jews praying at the Western Wall, just outside of the Temple Mount. Their dedication to God is truly remarkable. We could all learn a little bit from people in this part of the world, don't you think?

Walking around the city, you can look up, down, or around and just be amazed at what you see! It's totally a different world here.
Some of the group on the ramparts walk! This is Andrew, Mary, Jessica, and Kinzie. The walk was super long but we got some amazing views!
Dome of the Rockkkk. It was amazing! This building is seriously so beautiful and is sacred to many different people. We were only allowed in before 11 and got kicked out so the Muslims could come in and worship.


  1. i will be stalking this from now on. :)

  2. When I went to the Dome, they covered me with a towel because they didn't think I was modest...short sleeves, open neckline, orange T shirt. I don't know that the problem was!

  3. love it fern! keep posting and i'll keep reading :)