Friday, February 25, 2011

Hit the Reset Button!

My family is incredible.

I think that is pretty much the sentence to sum up last weekend with my mom's side of the family in
{Brian Head, UT}
It was so fun! Despite getting a minor concussion on the first run of the first day of snowboarding, getting basically snowed in on the second day, and getting a fatty snowball to the face at an impromptu snowball fight on the third day (I was an innocent bystander, with cotton leggings and a snow coat on, filming the thing), this weekend was a much-needed break from the sad funk I had been in.

After going through a very saddening (but necessary) break up a couple of weeks ago, I had been in a sort of strange state. I had pretty much been in one relationship or another for the past year, so consequently I have lost regular touch with many of my regular friends. While I very much miss them, I haven't felt too up to the task of regaining those friends yet. So, I have had a lot of alone time and not much to do with it. (Que finding new shows to watch on Hulu)...

{But this weekend was exactly what I needed!!!}

With my obscenely incredible family surrounding me, lifting each other up and generally just being awesome, I was reminded of what I am striving to achieve in my life - the ultimate source of happiness and progression - obedience and a commitment to the Lord. How lucky am I that I have such amazing examples surrounding me! I am back on track, I am actually doing school work, and I cleaned my room. Not bad (ask my mom how significant the cleaning my room part is).

Anyway, just a little {{THANK YOU}} to my family, to the way they strive to live their lives, and to the way they inspire and encourage me to be the best I can. And ESPECIALLY to my {GRANDMA SEDGWICK} for putting it all together and for her wonderful example - she's going on a mission! What an amazing legacy! I'm just lucky to be her progeny. Way to go, Gram, you're incredible!!!


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