Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Can't I Leave Yet?

So, I'm sitting in the library, trying to get some studying/homework done, but all I can think about is my family's trip to Brian Head this weekend! Seriously, all that stands between me and that weekend is tomorrow and everything I need to prepare for it.... which happens to include my first exam of the semester. I don't know how all of my classes went this long without a single exam, so I should feel lucky, but did it have to start TOMORROW? Come on. All I want to do is go to class tomorrow and feel free and easy and then drive on down to meet up with the fam, but NO, I must take an exam. Boo. My motivation is waning. Well, according to a previous post, it has been waning for about 6 months now. On top of it, this exam is for my Political Science 110 class - a prerequisite to my major (I am in my second-to-last semester) and I have taken entire courses on some of the topics in this class. So naturally, I feel like it's not my most interesting or productive class. Alas, I must endure. I think it's just so bad because I am so excited to see my fam.
Man, they're great.

Now, before you start to think that I am hopeless and I won't get through this winter (which is not really a crazy notion and I've thought that myself from time to time), I will share ONE ray of light in the midst of this freshman-level-ridden, snow-storm-darkened semester...

My roommates and I bought plane tickets to HAWAII this week!!!

hooray!! I am seriously SO STOKED for this trip. The prospect of going back to beautiful...

...will help me prevail over this wretched time of year they call ...winter... And who knows, maybe I'll have made some progress by the time we go and have someone to miss back home... should I be looking forward to that too this semester? ...maybe not. I guess only time will tell... Until then, this actual double rainbow (which I captured during our family Thanksgiving 2010 trip) is what I actually know is in store for me. Not too shabby.

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  1. Is this where you fell in love with the ukulele? Just started strumming myself in preparation for the trek to my Mama's island paradise...Kauai! Aloha from hula~la, with my new Martin C1K Concert Uke in hand...