Friday, February 25, 2011

got my hair did.

So, I got my hair done today!! My sister Becca told me this weekend that it looked gross. And she was right. My hair has gotten SO LONG in the past few months that it was super scraggly at the ends. Besides, I did my annual dye-it-black-and-let-it-fade-to-my-natural-color thing at Thanksgiving, and it had faded weird.
I got it done today! And the coloring is a little wild, but I'm obsessed with it. Hooray for changing it up a little!


  1. SEEEESTER!!!!! I like it! Did i really say your hair looked gross? Ha, sorry. More pictures are necessary to get the full effect, though. Please post soon!

  2. Ciao! I'm Elio, I'm from italy....sorry I like so much your hair but also your voice!
    ok, start from the beginning...
    My friend Mario found you in youtube...wonderful...searching songs with ukulele we heard you...and we was... so nicely cheered!
    it's too hard to describe for my english... but we heard again and again!
    today I heard your song "calm" so discovered your name and I am!
    ...I'm thinkin for a surprise for Mario... it could be incredible! Would you like to do a a special record?
    Please, please, please!!!
    if you want ask something in return....spaghetti, pizza, mandolino!

  3. Love your version of Mele Kalikimaka...Can you post the chords? Aloha