Wednesday, March 10, 2010


March Madness! This month has been a blast so far. First we celebrated the Jewish Halloween kind of holiday called Purim. It's the celebration of Queen Esther. So we all dressed up and went to this dance studio for a partaaay. The instructor there had come to teach us Jewish folk dancing like a week before and we thought it was just a dance party... it was a Jewish folk dance party haha. So, we did Jewish folk dancing for like 2 hours! It was actually way fun!

Me and the "Just Struck By Lightning" girls... and Alex as a Zombie.

Swing yer pardner round n round!... I mean, Mazel Tov! Most of the dances were done in big circles. Others like the macarena, were in lines. That's basically it though.

This past Sunday (our Sabbath is Saturday) a group of us went to Tel Aviv just to get out of Jerusalem. We'd been cooped up in the Center for so long, a trip out was just what everybody needed! We went shopping at the Sukk, went swimming in the Mediterranean, rode bikes on the boardwalk, and went to dinner. Oh man, it was the best day ever!

The Bike Gang.

Notice the beginnings of the huge wave that is about to come over the jetti...

Aaaaand, the aftermath. We all got owned by this wave! It slowly but very surely took all of us out. Our bikes started just kind of going out from under us and we were all running into each other. Then it went fast once we were down. Hahaha! There were some battle wounds and an almost-lost sandal, but it was all good! Except for the wet jeans...

On the Beach! There's nothing like a good beach day. It made me miss home a lot... and strengthened my resolve to figure out a way to be home for this summer term.

The group at a fountain right on the boardwalk.

Mary and Jess shopping in the Sukk.

Sunset on the Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv :)

Boardwalk at night!

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